Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote in ftw_fa,
Celine Kalante

"The Primrose Path of DERP DERP DERP" by Slug

The Primrose Path of DERP DERP DERP by Slug

There's the obvious awesomeness of Slug's monstery-looking character dressed up all classy with a top hat/cane/monocle/tie/vest/everything, of course. But really, what did it for me is the crossdressing wolf. As I tried to explain in the submission comments (but fucked up because tyopes and now it's stuck because you can't edit FA comments D:), something about the adorably content expression--he just looks so happy--along with the charming way he's clutching the parasol and everything just makes me want to happily accept what I'm seeing here. A pretty lady in a dress, you say? Yes. I concur.
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