Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote in ftw_fa,
Celine Kalante

"Ängel Eye" by DavidN and "Commission - DavidN - LENS FLARE ADDITION!!!" by Acidic

Ängel Eye by DavidN

This is a two-part submission because both are awesome.

DavidN does fantastic music that sounds like something somewhere between power metal and chiptunes (his tags usually refer to it as Amiga metal :D) and his latest song is lovely a Sonata Arctica-esque piece about...well, actually, his own description works better than my attempt to paraphrase it could:

I started this song not knowing where I was going with it at all, but eventually it took on a meaning. In a fictional world we have the opportunity to be anything we want, with no limits - but many Mary Sue-type characters take on so many features taken from popular fandoms (Final Fantasy being the one springing to mind here) that they all become the same again. In describing some of the cliches that these characters have I had to teeter over the edge of ridiculousness in the lyrics - I can only hope I found a good place :)

He's so deliberately over the top that he even put a gratuitous umlaut in Ängel Eye. Now that's metal.

For bonus points, for the thumbnail for this submission, he commissioned Acidic to do something equally ridiculously over the top EPIC. YES.
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