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Last edited 9/15/2010

This community is basically the unofficial FA edition of vclpickoftheday. It serves to provide positive examples of furry art, in direct opposition to wtf_fa.

- You don't have to use the template, but it's got a few nice reader-friendly features.
- If you don't use the template, make a text link to the submission. If it's rated Mature or Adult, include a NSFW warning. Also tell us why you picked it.
- No photography, unless it features significant artwork (such as a carving, sculpture, or decal)
- Barring the above rule, there is no content limit to submissions. We love humans! Don't be afraid to pick fetish work, either.
- Each person may pick a submission once per day. If you want to showcase more than one submission, consider starting a queue. Recent uploads are encouraged.
- Variety is a good thing! Try to pick from a different artist whenever possible.
- Don't pick your own art.
- If the submission has already been chosen, don't post it twice.
- You may only post picks here. No submission violations, drama, FA news, suspected art theft, or anything like that. There are communities on LJ for all those things. Off-topic entries will be deleted.
- NO DRAMA. If you don't like something, you have a right to say so, but please do it in a polite manner.
- The administration reserves the right to ban anyone for any reason without warning. This is called the Asshole Clause. The Asshole Clause is only here to deal with particularly abusive members of the community, and will be used very sparingly. If you have invoked usage of the Asshole Clause, you have fucked up. Consider your ban permanent without appeal.

If you have any questions and concerns, don't hesitate to contact its_a_trap.